Do you like some of my emo poetry/quotes that i make up when i am depressed?!

Question: Do you like some of my emo poetry/quotes that i make up when i am depressed!?
~I take this blade, drag it across my wrists!.!.!.
I feel no pain, no nothing!.!., what a sick, sick, twist!.

~i used to be okay "normal", happy!.!.!.
why;why; am i so dead and crappy!.

~pushing them away; they ask why!.!.
im too depressed, want to die!.!.!.
they want to stop me before i do something major,
i say "i know, i am in danger"
they say "this cant be really him"
now i know that ive failed them

~They told me i couldnt hurt myself,
now i need to confess,
i didnt think i could cut myself,
but now i am!.
i didnt think i could kill myself,
but now i know i can!.

~im spiraling into major depression,
so now im making a confession
all the 16 reasons i want to die!.
continue stretching to the sky!.

~theres a barrier; a wall put up by me
to keep things out that shouldnt be
crying; dying; E!.!.!.T!.!.!.C!.
maybe i do want someone to break it down for me
without judging; but searching; for the person i can be!.

~i wish i wasnt depressed
i wish i wasnt me
but what can i do
what can i change
why cant i just like me!

~seperating away; they dont care
i dont want to deal with this
want to fly up in the air,
to get away from this

~they say i wont commit suicide!.
i dont know if i can believe them
i dont know if i can go on
with this life i have been given
every day is more depressing than before
want to lock myself in and close the door
block them out!.!.!.

~a cut that will go deep into my skin
deeper than my veins, deeper than any feeling ive ever felt, or ever will feel

~i cut my wrists
you may think im crazy or insane
but you dont know; you cant feel this pain
but you have a greater pain you have to cry!.
i can just cut and keep my feelings inside!.

~i wish i was normal and i wish i was free
but im locked up and there is no key,
again i cut again and again,
and i know every last cut is another sin
add them to the pile with the lost key,
because this is me!.!.!.

~i am a victim of self-mutilation
i think you need an explanation
i am too depressed to live anymore,
just want to sit alone on the floor,
im not doing it for attention
im doing it for me and thats my convention
you dont know what im going through
i dont need this, not what im trying to do
you can call me wierd, i dont care:
but i really dont want to share
why im dying inside; crying inside
everyones moving away; my life is full of lies!.
why im crying inside; dying; dying inside!.

p!.s!. ive been depressed for 3 months and trying to get better, any advice!?

Yeah those are really good!. Effortless rhyming!. I like it!.

There's rarely ways to get better from depression!. It comes and goes!. Maybe take some medication!. Maybe try therapy!. Do whatever other people tell you to!. If that doesn't work, just go through life being depressed!. It sucks but it's better than being dead!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

Sounds like you need to go to the doctor and get treatment!. Cutting and having suicidal thoughts is NOT okay and you need to get help!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

It is great to express yourself creativity, but if you do have real issues like you write, you should seek some treatment!.!.!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

i love them expc the first!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

im not trying to be mean but u seriously need to see a doctor, suicidal thoughts r not good and not healthy please go tell the doctor this and just have fun!!!!!! do things u like to do!!!!! if u like to read read!. if u like to skate skate! good LUCK!

plz answer mine at http://answers!.yahoo!.com/question/index;!.!.!.

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