Why am I so Emotional?!

Question: Why am I so Emotional!?
It seems lately that all the sadness in the world makes me very melancholy!. Like, I am a little too emotional over something that has nothing to do with me!. Like, I cried the other night when watching a thing about the Mayans sacrificing infants!.!.!.all I could think about was putting myself in the child's place and feeling the sadness and pain and fear they must have been going through!.!.!. and that happened forever ago!

This evening I watched a documentary and it featured Susan Smith who drowned her sons, and I cried for those boys- and I can't get the image of them dying out of my head (even though it's an image I have never seen first hand) That happened when I was in school, why is this affecting me now!?

Sometimes I feel like my heart breaks whenever I learn about some sort of human (or animal) suffering!. I never used to be this emotionally involved!. I don't want to be this sad anymore!.

Anyone else!? I'd hate to feel like I was alone!. And, please be kind!


Sounds like you are becoming a very compassionate person!. Sometimes hormonal changes can bring on periods of getting teary-eyed!.!.!.like right before the period, or even early pregnancy!. I am a lot like you, but you have to move on to other subjects when those feelings get a grip on you!. Don't dwell on the sad part of life!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

its all in your hormonesWww@Answer-Health@Com

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