Has suppressing my anger made me unhealthy?!

Question: Has suppressing my anger made me unhealthy!?
Not physically, but mentally and perhaps emotionally!. I have been with my girlfriend for a while now and whenever it comes to sensitive subjects I start to feel completely, well, it is hard to describe the feeling but it feels like all my emotions are being pressed down and my mind insists on questioning a sensitive subject which is doing me harm, yet I cant seem to help it unless I know!. Every time I try to ease it it seems to get worse or I end up upsetting people, I had to deal with a lot of ridicule and scrutiny from people who tend to judge without knowing a person, and the whole time I was trying not to be angry and accepting it!.

Honestly, I feel like i'm a total inner wreck because when I try to feel in a positive way I find myself bombarded with negative emotions that I have held back for so long!.

I feel that I am afraid to stop suppressing the anger, but I believe that it is making me unhealthy and that I need to release it somehow!. I would ask for your opinions and answers, maybe a few suggestions or two!. It feels completely void when I should be feeling anger!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

Some people work out their anger by punching a punching bag or doing some physical activity that is draining to the body!. Then they seem to think more clearly about whatever topic it is!. Holding in your feelings can cause health problems, but exhibiting too much anger is also not good for you or whomever you are taking it out on!. I know some guys are afraid to let out the anger cause it would be like letting a tiger loose!. Talking with a counselor is also a good option, learning how to open up and discuss things and not to just explode!. Stress, it's a killer!Www@Answer-Health@Com

Take it out on a punching bag!.!.it feels so good wen
you let all that energy out!. Believe me Www@Answer-Health@Com

well calm downWww@Answer-Health@Com

Some one I know has been dealing with something very similar sounding for quite some time!. He finally got a CAT scan or an MRI, I can't remember which, and they discovered a small tumor or cyst on his pituitary gland!. his doctor(s) said this is very common in women, but not all that uncommon in some men!. They sound very optimistic about the outcome of the surgery, which is said to be minimally invasive!.not to scare you, but, up thru the nose!.!.!.!. sounds better than an extra hole in your head!.
I truly hope this info helps!. I'm certainly no expert, but it made sense when it was explained to me, and I hope it helps you, & my friend too!.
OMG reading back, it sounds SO much like D!.
I truly wish you all the best!.
peace & good LuckWww@Answer-Health@Com

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