I think i am depressed. I kinda told my life story but i wanna explain whats goi!

Question: I think i am depressed!. I kinda told my life story but i wanna explain whats going on!.!.!?
-I'm fourteen!.
-My mom/dad/sister/Gma takes anti-depressants so it runs in the family!.
-I am always upset/sad!.
-People, tons of people, say i have anger problems and get angered too easily!.
-I feel like crap, i feel worthless!. like a nobody!.
-my bf of 3 years just told me his life may be halved due to decreased liver function and it makes me so sad!.!.i'm sad about this 24/7

and im always thinking negative!.!.!.its hard to think postitive!.!.
the ONLY thing that makes me happy is when im talking to him!.!.!.and at the same time im sad cos i wish i was with him!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

Yes, depression runs in families!. Have you seen your doctor about this!? Are you on any type of antidepressants!? Are you seeing a therapist!? If the answer to these 3 is yes, then you need to ask for another therapist if this one doesn't seem to be helping you and/or change medications!.

I know that your boyfriend is very ill and all I can really say to that is I'm sorry this is happening to you!. Try to spend happy times with him!. Don't dwell on the what ifs!. You say his life MAY be halved!. Does he not have a definite diagnosis!? Is there any treatment that can help him!?

One thing I was told when I was in therapy for my depression was to keep a journal!. Write everything down!. Get all the negative feelings out of you and on to paper!. Nobody has to see it but you!. If you are worried that someone will see it, put it on the computer and make it password protected so that only you can open it!. Try to write at least one happy thought per day!. This may seem impossible but you can do it!. Even if the only thing you can say that is happy for today is that you got through it, that is a big thing!. You have to go day by day!.

My hope is that you will realize that you are a special person!. If you weren't, you wouldn't have had the guts to ask for help!. You will get through all of it!.

I hope this helps you somewhat!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

see your doctor; if you think you are depressed, you are!.

who da hell is "him"!? Www@Answer-Health@Com

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