I'm 15... Wondering if I have depression...?!

Question: I'm 15!.!.!. Wondering if I have depression!.!.!.!?
I'm 15 and I was wondering if I have depression or not!. I tend to be very introverted and I don't tell people important things, even my mother!. I kinda bottle up my issues!. Sometimes when I'm around people I pretend like nothing is wrong, like I'm always happy!. No one would ever know that I feel like crap because I'm very talkative!. But in reality, I feel pretty bad!. I usually feel like that every day, and it takes a lot to make me happy (though I am happy at times)!. I am not suicidal but sometimes I feel like giving up, and I ask myself why should I care anymore!. My main issue is that my stepdad is an alcoholic and that gives me a lot of stress as I don't want anyone to know, which is why I don't invite people over much because he is almost always home except for when he's working during the week!. I have a fraternal twin sister, but I really do not like her because she's so fake and superificial!. I want to move in with my biological Dad in the state he lives in, which is far, but he doesn't know about my stepdad and he's having economic troubles right now!. I doubt he and my stepmom want a teen girl!. Some of my really good friends, who are the only ones that know about my stepdad, live there!. I miss them too!. But I have no hope!. So basically I'm stuck and I feel the prospects are very grim for me!. I have felt this way for more than a year now!.
I was wondering though, do you think I have depression!?Www@Answer-Health@Com

WOW!. Sounds like things are pretty messed up!.
I don't get along with my sister terribly well but if I have a problem she listens to it and give me advice on how to fix it!. She does it in a brusque manner but that's her!. Try speaking to your sister, you say she's superficial but many would argue that pretending that everything is ok could make you looks superficial too!.
Speak to your mum!. She might have a lot on her plate with your step dad too but she is mum and she would want to fix this for you!.
The other thing is that and this is going to sound so condescending and it's not meant to be, maybe your just at that age!. Your not old enough to leave your in the middle of school and you can't see the finish line just yet!. You have little personal power!. I remember that being unbelievably frustrating!.
Talk to your biological dad, even if he is having financial trouble he would want you to be happy!.
Maybe go see the doctor and get his advise, tell him how your feeling and whats going on!. If you do have depression he can help!.
To sort out this problem I think you need to tell someone who can do something for you!. Speak to you mum!. Mum and choc chip cookie dough ice cream can solve just about everything!.
I really hope you sort this out!. It's awful to feel like that!.


No, you don't have depression!. You are a teenager, going through some tough times with your stepdad etc, wanting to move in with your dad and nearer to your friends!. What you are feeling is directly related to what is going on in your life, and therefore wouldn't be considered depression!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

First of all, thank you for writing in an informative and concise style and not using text abbreviations!. Seems unusual for a 15 year old, especially on YA!.
If you aren't depressed you might headed that direction!. If you cant talk to your mom, is there a teacher or councilor at your school who you might be able to discuss this with!? They would have or know about resources available to you or give you a next step to try!.
Good luck to you!Www@Answer-Health@Com

Hi honey,

Sorry to hear you are having trouble!. I happen to agree with the lady that answered before me- a lot of it is just the time in your life right now!. But concealing your true feelings and pretending to be happy aren't necessarily!. I understand why you keep things bottled up- everything around you isn't very stable right now and who knows who or what you can trust!. When you talk about your issues, you expose yourself as well, and unless there is someone who you can really confide in and count on, you really don't want to do it!.

I understand your hurt from your current situation and not wanting people to come over!. My dad had cancer the last 4 years of his life and people didn't really come over to my house!. So, I would suggest going over to a friends!.

You will make it, you are a survior or you wouldn't have made it this long!.

As far as your twin sister goes, try being a role model for her- if she still is a faker- spend time away from her :) or embarass her and call her out on the things she is making up in front of her friends or a guy she likes!. Maybe she won't do it any longer after that- we could hope!.

Have faith and belief in yourself!. Do things for you- one day after school go to the weight room and work out!. Or go to an ice cream shop and read a good book!.

You are completely normal just need some TLC darlin!.

Take care!!

You sound like a very smart girl!. The first step to overcoming any problems we face is asking for advice which is exactly what you did!. In my childhood I dealt with many family issues that truly had an effect on me and the way I felt!. The best thing you can do is talk to someone and tell them exactly how you are feeling and what you are going through!. It may not seem like it helps at the time, but as time passes you will feel much better!. I recommend seeing a therapist!. Nowadays they are starting to call them, "life coaches!." Just speaking with someone one hour a week can really make a difference!. I wish you the best of luck!. Always remember tomorrow is a new day!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

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