Is there something i can eat to help me sleep?!

Question: Is there something i can eat to help me sleep!?
like anything!.!.before bed!? or like is there a special technique for sleeping!? and sometimes its not even falling asleep its that i keep waking up when i dont want to!. and im tired beleive me!. im always thnking too much before i sleep! and then i cant sleep!! helppppWww@Answer-Health@Com

warm milkk!.

it releases a chemical to your brain that makes you tiredWww@Answer-Health@Com

Stop drinking tea and coffee in the afternoon! Start drinking Chamomile tea before you go to bed!.
Chamomile tea definitely does not contain any "caffeine"!. Chamomile tea is actually really soothing!.
You can buy the dried flowers or the teabags, any grocery store carry Chamomile tea!.
I find it very effective when it comes to helping me with sleep or relaxation and get a much fuller flavour with a bit of honey!.
Camomile tea is an excellent thing to drink if you need to sleep, and is probably a lot better for you than pill popping!.
It doesn't drug you, it doesn't stop you from working or driving safely, but it does help the body to unwind, relax and a good night's sleep,
Make it like you would any tea, do not put milk in it, as this is grim!.
You need to leave it to brew for a lot longer - fruit and herb teas really do need five minutes or so before you remove the bag!. If you try and make it like an ordinary cup of tea, you end up with a drink that's a pale yellow in colour and has almost no taste at all!.

It's a great drink in the evening, when you don't want to be drinking caffeine, and want something relaxing and making you sleep!.
You can also put a tea bag or two in your bath for a bit of cheap aromatherapy - again, it soothes, and it doesn't do anything scary to
the skin!

Try camomile tea and honey and you will be glad you did it!
Have a good sleep!

try taking a warm/hot bath about an hour before you are going to bed!.
Listen to soothing music like sounds of the ocean, nothing with lyrics!.

If that does not work then try talking to your Doctor about maybe getting on Ambien (which I take) to help you sleep!.

Good luckWww@Answer-Health@Com

Try eating white crackers and a slice of turkey!. Turkey contains tryptophan, a compound that makes us sleepy!. It's the reason we all want to go to sleep after Thanksgiving dinner!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

Eat a cracker or a cookie and drink some warm milk!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

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