Help! - I have a bad addiction to shopping?!

Question: Help! - I have a bad addiction to shopping!?
Everytime I go into a store, I find it so hard not to buy anything!. Thinking about it now, if I don't buy anything I kind of feel worthless like I have failed!.!.!. & when I get home I contstantly think about going back and getting something that I saw!.!.

Im sick of buying things, I have gone overdrawn for the first time and im very young!.!.!.
As soon as I get them home, there is a 5minute high then they just sit in my wardrobe!.!.!.!.Im wasting so much money and I need help before I get into debt!.!.!.I know I am wrong, and I can see this at home, but whilst im in the store I forget all of this!.!.!. Also I have terrible problems making decisions!.!.!. for example yesterday I couldn't decide out of two things!.!.!. so I bought both :(

Thanks in advance!.!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

1) Tell someone you trust about your spending habits!. Get detailed and nitty-gritty!. Admit how much you have spent shopping in the past six months, how much credit card debt you have, and just how far you have fallen from being a responsible spender!.

2) Listen to what is going through your mind when faced with temptation!. Ask yourself what lies you may be telling yourself!.

3) Find other ways to fill your time!. Schedule activities to fill the time that you would usually find yourself shopping

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