What can i do if im depressed?!

Question: What can i do if im depressed!?
ive been feeling really down in the dumps lately i don't really know if im depressed or not but i don't really feel good!?Www@Answer-Health@Com

Everyone feels sad from time to time!.
Some checkpoints to determine whether you are suffering from Depression include the following:
1) Do you no longer derive pleasure from previous activities!?
2) Have you begun to isolate and withdraw from people!?
3) Has your eating changed!? Increased or decreased!?
4) Are you sleeping more then usual or not sleeping well at all!?
5) Do you have thoughts of suicide or think the world would be better off without you!?

Most of the above will give you a clue that you suffer from Depression!.

Engaging in vigorous, aerobic exercise has incredible impact on the chemicals in your brain!.
It increases endorphins and makes you feel better!. (The last thing that a Depressed person wants to do is exercise)!.

Start keeping a journal and write down your thoughts and feelings!.

If your symptoms worsen or do not improve, make a visit to your family physician!. Sometimes
some ailments can bring about feelings of Depression!. If he feels that you are depressed he may want you to start medications!.

True clinical Depression is a result of low serotonin levels (a chemical in your brain)!.

If you are drinking or using any sort of drugs this can aggravate the symptoms!.


When I'm depressed, I try reading about depression!. There is alot of good information out there!. I like reading Eckhart Tolle, because he explains why you are depressed and how not to be!. You can also check him out on youtube if you don't like reading!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

take a depression test online, here is a site to help: http://depression!.about!.com/od/diagnosis!.!.!.
It will help you decide!. Talk to someone, most times talking helps unburden the soul and you don't feel so bad!. Www@Answer-Health@Com

Your best bet would be to make an appointment with your doctor!. They will help you decide whether you are truly depressed and need some help or whether it is a sudden change that has affected your mood!. Www@Answer-Health@Com

i feel the same way sometimes but try do get away from things that make you feel that way!. or take a nap!. that always makes me feel betterWww@Answer-Health@Com

you could be!.!. or just having a bad few days!. see your doctor maybe if you think it's getting worse!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

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