How can i overcome the fear of meeting new people?!

Question: How can i overcome the fear of meeting new people!?
i dont like meeting new people!. its so strange only because i work in an office with the public so i am constantly talking to new people!.!.!.i am a shy person in real life!.!.on here i seem outspoken or funny!.!.!.but its so much easier typing things out instead of speaking!.!.!.my bf constantly complains cuz i wont go with him to parties that his friends are having!.!.!.i dont feel comfortable going!.!.!.i am very quiet and his friends are louder and like to party!.!.!.i only have a close group of friends of my own!. his friends get upset cuz they now feel like i think i am too good for them!.!.!.its not like that at all!.!.!.i am afraid they wont like me!.!.or think i am ugly or fat!.!.!.or snobby!.!.!.i freak myself out about it to the point where it causes fights between my bf and i!. i am on meds for anxiety and my doctor just upped my dosage!. but i still feel scared to meet other people!.!.!.i feel like i am nuts or crazy!.!.!.i am afraid that if i do go he will leave me alone in a room full of people i dont know and i will just be sitting there!.!.!.how can i overcome all that!? its driving me nuts!.!.!.and i dont think my bf will stay with me long cuz of it!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

hey faf!. i wish you well!. your bf needs to realise this situation!. sounds like he is being a little selfish and should pay more attention to *your* needs and not his!. i know you're shy and i live 4000 kms away ! some people are blind even when they are right beside you!. just be you!. you can't make anyone do anything bec!. it's just!. not!. possible!. he should realize this!. and the quicker you tell him the better you will feel!.
you can only control you!.

It's hard to get over this !.I have it too!.Your best bet is to have your bf take you to these parties and hold your hand while your there!.Have him introduce you to these friends!.The more you do whats hard the easier it gets ,trust me!.you'll have a great time if he helps you a little!.You can do it,your smart ,beautiful and a little shy thats a good thing it makes you more Loveable!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

slowly meet new poepleWww@Answer-Health@Com

It sound more like to me that you have a self confidence problem rather than anxiety!. Look first you need not worry what other people think, second never lack the confidence in yourself to meet or even make friends!. Wheather you kick it off with people is the hard part, people are people and there is all sorts of good people to associate with out there, as well as pure as sholes too!. The trick is to find common ground with others, you said your not the partying type, but don't let that keep you from meeting these people, i assume your bf is a good guy, so the least you could do is give him the benefit of the doubt, that his friends are decent human beings, and meet them!. You never know what you will find out about someone, you might find out you really enjoy their company!. Its always ackward meeting friends of your other, but its a necessary thing for your relationship to work!. My advice is go have a good time and party with these people and if don't like it, dart out and go back on Y!A and do what ya do best, be yourself!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

You have described everything that i was/still am going through!. You have something called social anxiety which if left untreated like mine did you will end up to anxious to even leave the house!. My boyfriend also didn't understand it and because i had no idea why i was like this i didn't know what help i could get!. He found it weird as i work in a nursery and was fine with the children and parents but could not go out socially!. There are lots of helpful things you can do!. Go and see your doctor again and mention the social anxiety and he/she should refer you to a mental health nurse!. I have been taught lots of things to help reduce my anxiety although i am still a long way off being 'better'!. If you need anymore advice then feel free ot email me, good luck xWww@Answer-Health@Com

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