Do you think I am .... normal, scary ( or just plain weird)?!

Question: Do you think I am !.!.!.!. normal, scary ( or just plain weird)!?
Sorry, I don't have any pictures right now 'cause my camera kinda' broke down!. But I can describe what I look like, and how I behave!.

Okay, I'm only 13, about 169 cm tall ( I think!.!.!. but I know I'm around 160-170, even taller than the average adults here in Malaysia) and have black hair!. I'm also a big sized person ( If I compare to my friends, they'll say I'm VERY big) and people often confuse me with a 21 year old or a 16, at least!.Girls say I'm cute, but I always deny it!.
I seldom walk with a hunch,lift up my 50 kg friend like a dumbbell, punch walls, practice my Taekwon-do, kick target bags, practice armed combat ( especially using long sticks ) and help people at school!. Oh, and I often parkour or free-run too!.I love cats and kids like my nephews and nieces (they just remind me of what I used to be in their age)!.And I really don't know which category does my question here belongs in!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

If you're only 13 then you are a raging bag of hormones and puberty!.
Growing into your adult sized body, and by your description seem uncomfortable with it!.!.!. Don't worry it'll sort itself out soon!.

Not walking with a hunch is good posture :) Being taller than your friends is not a big deal (honestly) I was smallest in my age group till I was about 21 I'm now 6'2 and I like having the advantages I never had as a teenager!.!.!. but again, by your description this seems to bother you!.!.!.

Confidence: you'll develope some soon!. Don't worry!.

Tae-kwon-do, kick boxing and similar hobbies, good for overall fitness and means you can defend yourself against the bullies that affect you (no I can see you didnt mention this but what you haven't said is just as telling sometimes)

Do you think you are weird!? Doesn't seem very weird to me!. You just grew big, and like doing unique stuff!. That should not be considered weird!. If nothing else, you are normal but Unique!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

i think your a wierdo for asking such dumb questionsWww@Answer-Health@Com

your fine dont worry (:
you seem like a really nice guyWww@Answer-Health@Com

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