What are some good things to do for your self esteem everyday? ?!

Question: What are some good things to do for your self esteem everyday!? !?
Look in the mirror change your stance with one foot in front of the other shoulder width apart and stick your dukes up and quote "I'm so pretty and anyone who dares disagree will be punched so hard they'll be breathing through one fist sized nostril" :)

Just do and think of things that make you happy the good things you have done and helped people through!.!.Learn to love every perfect flaw and own it!.!.I had a bad spate of not even leaving the house my self esteem was so low!.!.Get to know yourself all these things that make you you good bad and ugly and accept you for who you are!.
Walk like you're on a catwalk the worlds your oyster and your going to get the good stuff out of it!.Lame sounding but the more you boost and accept yourself you'll learn that you're your own best friend not you're own worst enemy!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

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