When I get homesick I get anxious and depressed, will antidepressants and anxiet!

Question: When I get homesick I get anxious and depressed, will antidepressants and anxiety meds help!?
When I drive a truck for too long I get homesick and I get symptoms of anxiety and depression!.

Can my psychiatrist help by giving me anti depressants and anxiety medications!?Www@Answer-Health@Com

Ever consider a change in jobs!? Sometimes usually too late in life that the work we were doing was not all that fulfilling!.
You can take medication for your problem but it will only be a band aid, the problem will still be there,
I used to work heavy construction installing three story printing presses, sometimes it would keep me away from home months on end, nine months being the longest!.
At first the job was quite challanging but as time went on I started getting anxious and bummed out!.
My final trip on the road was concord california, where I suffered a severe heart attack with an anurism on the back side of my heart I was given last rights because only one in one hundred survive, I was the luckey one!.
My problem was that I didn't smell the roses till it was too late!. so reconsider your situation and see if you can come up with something better, the economy is in the pits right now so new jobs may be hard to find!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

It happens with everybody!. Even wise people, remember their home when they are away!. There is no reason for your anxiety!. I think the situation is not going to improve if you get less worried or more worried!. You can not contribute your attention and work in more than one area!. No psychiatrist is required in your case!. You should know the world is like this!. That is all!. Every one has similar worries!.

Know one thing for sure, if you are on righteous path, support comes to you from known and unknown forces!. Rest assured!. Negative thinking will not yield happiness!. Www@Answer-Health@Com

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