Does anyone know any anxiety chat rooms that work?!

Question: Does anyone know any anxiety chat rooms that work!?
I've checked out about 30, and none of them work!. Www@Answer-Health@Com

I have had the same problem, i started one on yahoo but no takers, i would do i again if we could get people to go to it!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

Try: http://www!.starchat!.net/chat/!?chan=chit-!.!.!. and http://anxietyvictims!.proboards18!.com/in!.!.!. and http://health!.groups!.yahoo!.com/group/The!.!.!. "Webmd!.com has a pretty nice board for anxiety!. Go to the site; type anxiety into the search!. Click on the anxiety and panic disorders health center!. In the left menu will be 'boards and blogs' which will take you to the mental health support group boards!." http://www!.webmd!.com/ See anxiety treatments, at ezy build (below) in section 6!. Set yourself a specific time period for worrying about anything, (say; around three quarters of an hour, possibly when you get home, or after your evening meal, but not too close to bedtime) after which, resolve firmly to refuse to even entertain the thought of worrying again on that day: realise and accept that to do otherwise would be counterproductive to your mental health, and enjoyment of life!.

You will have had your "worry time" for the day, and can just write down any more thoughts that come to mind, and say to yourself: "Well, I'll just have to worry about that tomorrow, won't I!?"!. It is important to deal with a negative internal monologue (self talk), or mental process, such as disturbing thoughts, or images, by the process of (a): recognising it, and (b): challenging it immediately!.

When you notice something negative, such as: "I'm never going to get over this!" or: "Why am I always so pathetic/useless/such a loser!?" or even: "I can't do this/will never get over this!", or a disturbing image, recognise that this is part of the mindset which will hold you back from progress!. Having identified and labelled it, visualise a large red "STOP!" sign, and/or possibly a stern faced person wagging an index finger at you in a negative manner, then say to yourself as forcefully as you can, even aloud in a big voice, if alone: "I know this tactic: GO AWAY FOR A WHILE !!!"

You may want to use either: "ruse", "ploy", "game", or "trick", instead of "tactic"!. In the case of an image, visualise a large "STOP" sign, or your preferred version!. Some people go so far as to keep a wide rubber band in their pocket, then put it around their wrist, when they catch themselves backsliding, stretch and release it, as a method of reprogramming their mind sooner, but I don't regard it as being strictly necessary!. Remember to remove it, afterwards, if you use this method!.

Practice one of the relaxation methods in sections 2, 11, 2c, or 2i, daily, and when needed!. Alternatively, give the EFT a good tryout, to see if it helps you!. There is also a version for use in public places, (if you like, you can claim to have a headache, as you massage/lightly tap your temples, but you would then be restricted to subvocalising: saying it to yourself in your mind)!. Section 53, and pages 2, 2!.q and 2!.o at http://www!.ezy-build!.net!.nz/~shaneris also refer: "Even though I sometimes suffer from anxiety, I deeply and completely accept myself!." Neurofeedback treatment for anxiety is increasingly becoming available!. Herbal remedies, such as valerian, (which is not recommended for use if depression is also present) passionflower, or St!.John's wort, are often effective, but the idea is (as with anxiolytic medication) to use them like water wings, or training wheels on a bicycle, providing initial support, and giving time for other treatments, such as therapy, and relaxation techniques, to take effect!.

A variant of EMDR: Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing therapy, which has been used successfully for those people suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, insomnia, and anxiety, is shown in section 42, on page i, at ezy-build!. I have found that the 2 - 3 minutes spent using the EMDR markedly reduces distractions to the relaxation process, and is repaid many times over!.

Anxiety can be removed in normal ways also!. Try to know the source from where anxiety comes!. And kill the root!.

Our mind is getting its nourishment and energy from the food and drink we consume!.

If the food and drink that we consume is not up to the mark of high quality, then it will definitely have a bearing on our mental ability as well as our physical ability!. There is no surprise in it!. Avoid eating junk food!. The junk food will definitely result in junk habits like drowsiness, sleep, lethargy, etc!.

The mind

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