What are the effects (not side effects) of anti-depressants?!

Question: What are the effects (not side effects) of anti-depressants!?
To make a long story short, my girlfriend told me she took 5 of her mom's anti depressants tonight!.!.!. I was with her like, all night and she was acting weird!.!.!. like, a mix between drunk and stoned!.!. would that make sense!? Www@Answer-Health@Com

Anti-depressants have different effects on different people, depending on their current mental health!. Since her reaction was similar to a reaction to alcohol or marijuana, she is experiencing poisoning!. It is important that you ensure she visits the emergency room as soon as possible!. Unless her system is cleansed tonight, this medication could have harsh negative side effects, including irreversible brain damage!. If you are experiencing too much fear to handle this situation, contact either 911 or poison control!. Both services can arrange an ambulance!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

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