For Bipolar 1 diagnosis: What happens when you get manic?!

Question: For Bipolar 1 diagnosis: What happens when you get manic!?
I just want to know what people think about being manic!. I have heard a lot of things, such as racing thoughts, spending lots, and cheating on relationships during manic!. What happens when you get manic!? Www@Answer-Health@Com

Ive been hypo a few times!. Only full blown mania once!.

Hypo is just the best version of me!. House spotless!. Exercising!. Self confidant!. Creative!. The house is redecorated!. Several paintings are made and or completed!. I'm happy!. i don't sleep much!. And constantly want to be productive!.

The one time I was manic lasted 6months!. It started I didn't even notice!. I thought I was physically ill!. Body numbness seizures sudden blindness palpitations!. No medical explanation!. Over time I began to have chunks missing out of my vision things had glowing auras colored lights started appearing the physical issues worsened!. I didn't notice my temperament change but my friend and coworker told me I don't know how to say this but you've been a complete ***** lately and its not like you at all!. Someone else told me I had looked as though I hadn't been feeling comfortable in my own skin!. I started to loose track of time!. Id show up for a class Id had all semester on the wrong day or in the right class room at the wrong time!. I even found myself at the bar not realizing it was class time and walked out in the middle of my practicum thesis holding my hands along the grout in the tiles to make sure I stayed upright because the room building started rocking back and forth!. I went to get my cap and gown and a woman changed into an entirely different woman before my eyes!. The room spun!. I walked up to the bar in a blizzard 3 miles downed 4 pitchers of beer and found myself in the house of a strange man!. two days later I couldn't handle living like I was on lsd or having a stroke everyday I wanted to kill myself!. The cops took me in and in the er they said I was manic!. I couldn't remember three words in a row!. I stayed for 5 days!. Walked at graduation and moved!. I still had hallucinations for while!. One time the tv talked to me!. and I had a delusion for about 3 months that the person I was living with was going to kill me for insurance money!. No happy for me in full blown mania!. Just whole body hallucinations, psychological seizures and blindness, partial catatonia, rage irritability, visual hallucinations, delusions, irresponsible drinking binges, and complete loss of touch with reality!. And it lasted 6 months!. Now that Ive known what Mania with psychotic features is!.!.!. I can say for sure everything else was just hypo mania

not looking forward to that ever happening againWww@Answer-Health@Com

For me I can't sleep, i spend too much money
but actually believe i have it!. I can be really
creative and don't cheat but think about it ;0Www@Answer-Health@Com

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