What does my dream mean?!

Question: What does my dream mean?
Yesterday i went to the mall and i felt fat. Before i went, i changed my shirt 5 times before i was satisfied with how i looked. I use to be a little fat when i was on medication but im not anymore. But some days i feel like i still am. I just felt extra self concious for some reason.

Anyway, my DREAM. In my dream last night, my mom was on the phone in the kitchen talking to a friend and i could hear what the friend was saying. I hear them say "whats up with andrea? She seems rather chubby these days." I freaked and started cussing whoever said that out. What happened after that is hard to remember.
I don't think im fat but sometimes i do or i'll wake up one day and not want to leave the house. Its not severe. Like it doesn't effect my daily life or anything but it has been happening a lot. Why do i feel this way and what did that dream mean??


The dream was the way your subconscious has during sleep to deal with issues bothering you in your waking life. Your weight affected your self esteem, and you haven't quite recovered from that yet, so you're still worrying about it.

What it means is that you're worrying too much on your appearances. I have my off days like that also. Just wear what's comfortable

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