What motivates internet trolls?!

Question: What motivates internet trolls?
i understand people have different opinions and of course everyone is entitled to their opinion,but why do internet trolls feel the need to provoke emotional responses


It's probably a combination of boredom, lack of true intelligence, loneliness, a need for attention (any kind of attention), and a tendency toward being socially inept. Somehow any need to 'troll' anonymously to find 'victims' to torment for no reason except to be a nuisance is kind of pathetic. The best way to deal with them is not to give them a second thought and to simply blow by their ridiculous antics as if they are invisible. Don't give them what they want by paying them any attention and perhaps they'll simply go away...or find a site where they can all just annoy each other!

Well if its a guy, he usually has no life and lives with his parents. He has no friends and wastes his time trying to get his rocks off provoking people because he can't get it up any other way.

If its a girl, she tries her best to be cool/funny but sadly most cannot pull it off.

people can hide behind a computer to say do things that are malicious mean to cause hurt feelings get a response and feel better about themselves makes them feel like "a big better person" best to just ignore them and not respond to them at all

Well, if you spent all day under a bridge eating billy goats, you would need to find a creative outlet too.

That's what trolls do

sorta like when im playing black ops and i have the urge to piss some one off, i'll noob tube them and laugh loudly at they're ranting, probly the same with trolls

Their emotions or trying to make people laugh

A better question would be...

what doesn't motivate internet trolls

They are very bored.

Good question!

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