Cant sleep right, very uptight, nothing works, any advice?!

Question: Cant sleep right, very uptight, nothing works, any advice?
I tried Melitonin and going to bed earlier. I don't want to depend on pills. I do sleep but then I wake back up 3 hours later. Then sleep again for another two hours until 2pm. I have very erratic and interrupted sleep. Its hard for me to get up early when i have nothing going on that day. Today I couldn't get out to complete all of my to do list until after 3pm cause of sleet and snow. I completed a lot of tasks today, but I didn't have to get all of them done today. I only completed 9 out of 10 out my list which isn't good enough. Idk, guess I'm being too much of a perfectionist here?

A lot of changes have been going on with me lately. Along with irrational thinking, I'm constantly nervous about things not working out and scared of failing at my career. Bills and money keep me up late at night but at least I pay them on time and I'm not in trouble.

I constantly try 2 please everyone and hear this voice in my head that says, "Adam Lambert Fan, you are worthless and a bad person.". I haven't had time to call and set up appt with a new counselor to possibly solve my sleeping problem cause I've been so busy. I give myself an F today cause I accomplished things "below my standards" today. When everyone else says I'm on top of things and doing great, I wonder if they just need to stop "doing cocaine" and get real? I wonder if im putting too much pressure on myself? Things are good in my life but how can I make it even better and sleep better? What would others do in my situation if standard things don't work? Lol, I don't know?


Exercise, preferably 6 hours before, but not within 2 hours of bedtime. Have a warm bath, or shower, an hour before bedtime, then a glass of very warm milk, possibly with Horlicks, or one of the herbal teas, below, and use dimmer lighting. Your bedroom should be very dark, with the lights out, and a good sleeping temperature is 70 degrees Fahrenheit, or 19 degrees Centigrade. Put your mind in a position where it wants to shut itself off, and sleep. View The progressive muscle relaxation, is very easily learned; guided imagery, or mindfulness breathing… is known to be effective, or Give the EFT a tryout. It is free via the searchbar at "EFT" & "EFT therapists" or (13 free videos). Repeat to yourself: "Even though I currently have a sleep disorder, I deeply and completely accept myself." (or choose your own wording) while you use the acupressure massage/tapping. Find out which works best for you, in the daylight hours, so you will be prepared, come bedtime. For many people, a good idea is to develop a set "wind down" routine for the last hour before bedtime, so your subconscious mind learns that it is time to put thinking aside, and prepare for mindfulness, (awareness, without cogitation/purposeful thought) or the EFT, in preparation for sleep.

The idea with mindfulness is to not even think about sleeping: just drift off, naturally, during exercising those techniques. Avoid TV, computer, or anything exciting in this hour, although reading a BORING! book is a good idea. Experiment, to find which combination works best for you. No coffee, tea, or other caffeine within 6 hrs of bedtime! Try a cup of chamomile herbal tea, an hour before bedtime. Others may prefer Sleepytime, by Celestial Seasonings, Relax, Be Sleepy, or valerian root (valerian "hangovers" possible), etc., from supermarket tea, or health food aisles. Milk, or cream should not be used with herbal tea. Get up and do something, like read a book, if you can't sleep within 20 mns. Personally, I prefer to use word/phrase repetition for a short time, changing over to mindfulness breathing; however, you may well find another method more effective. The following EMDR variant came from a book on treating insomnia for the depressed; I use it every night, and it is well worth trying. It seems to reduce distractions during the mindfulness relaxation methods, so I use it first. Keeping your head still, move your eyes first to the far left, then far right, and repeat this another 19 times. Each full sweep should take around a second. If you like, you can either subvocalise, or repeat: "one one thousand, two one thousand, three one thousand ... up to twenty.

After this, allow your body to go limp, and relax for a short time. Then repeat the whole exercise, limpness, and relaxation twice. This may well be all you need. Others may require another round of the above. Before beginning the EMDR variant, I take a whiff of lavender essential oil in both nostrils; some people prefer a drop, or two on their pillow. This provides a strong cue to the subconscious mind to prepare for sleep. Get bright light, soon after arising, to reset your circadian rhythm. Stabilise your sleep habits. Try the free sleep aid at: Hypnosis is merely a heightened state of suggestibility, in which you are better able to communicate with your subconscious mind. 85% of people are suggestible, to some extent, so consider professional hypnotherapy, or more alternatives along such lines are at

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