how do you stop picking at scabs?!

Question: How do you stop picking at scabs?
im trying to stop both cutting myself and picking at my scabs (i usually have a few scabs from acne on my face or ear(s)), i haven't cut in 2 months and though im getting help its just been talking so far and im still struggling (though i get evaluated and prescribed medication later this week) - as for picking at my scabs, it seems to be much harder to stop (its like i feel compelled to pick at them, i hate how they feel and even hate their very existence, i tried to not pick at my scabs today but i gave in) , especially since i don't need a blade to pick at my scabs; i just need my nails


I did this for quite a while when I was in the psych unit and unable to cut.

It's not as bad as cutting, but it's still harming your body with pain and using that pain to relieve emotional distress. Good for you for not cutting in two months...that can be quite a challenge, I know. Basically you've substituted cutting with scab picking but it's important to remember that you don't need either to deal with the emotional pain :)

Whenever I feel like picking at my skin, I usually sit on my hands or do something that keeps my hands busy like writing or painting or typing. It helps get out some of the extra energy in your fingers. The distraction may not be as fulfilling as the SI, but it's better in the long run. Trust me :)


Put bandaids over your scabs until they heal

Electroshock therapy

if possible stop thinking of it

I used to pick at and peel my nails (instead of biting them but same result) and to break the habit I sat on my hands for two weeks every time I felt like it, and the physical restraint worked to offset the habit. I pick my hang nails now, but if I oil them enough I don't have dry skin to pick. I would try band aids too for your face. Good luck on stopping hurting yourself, I went through that on a lesser scale for a little while when I had to have something physical to distract me from my emotions, then my mom saw me and said very gently, "You don't have to do that" and something broke inside and I realized she was right. Now when I feel down I go for a hard run or anything that works and moves my arms & hands or body on a bigger scale and helps stop the picking!! I feel so much better too, it's much more effective.

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