I just saw Charlie Sheen on tv, could he end up needing to be hospitalized?!

Question: I just saw Charlie Sheen on tv, could he end up needing to be hospitalized?
I can not imagine a person going on the way he is going on. Is he having a nervous breakdown. I think it is sad to see him. He is going berserk. Where will this end for him.


Absolutely Charlie Sheens all cooked up in the head but since hes rich they call that eccentric.

It seems like someone like this should probably be in treatment of some sort; but the few friends you see him with on TV are just hanging on for fame and enjoying it and they don't seem to even care that he's losing control. There has to be someone else that really cares and forces him into treatment.

I hear you and a few weeks ago i thought what a clown' but now he is ready to go off the deep end or even suicide after he comes down from his drugging ' as speed or crank takes you down dark and sometimes berserk.I pray he gets help asap as he is a good dude' who needs some help about now.

He's kind of a dick for beating up all those chicks, but it kinda figures. Dude has srs problems. Hope he checks himself.

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