I can't shake off all this anxiety for tomorrow help?!

Question: I can't shake off all this anxiety for tomorrow help?
I have an interview at a convenient/gas station store tomorrow. I'm really nervous, and I can't seem to shake off the anxiety. How do I quit feeling this way, and be ready?


You can try some breathing exercises and try to meditate. Then you can give yourself positive affirmations like, "I will do great, I will get this job, I will......" you get the picture. Because if you start telling yourself over and over that you will do great, it will subconsciously make you more confident and your fears and anxieties will diminish. So stop worrying about what can go wrong, and think more about how you will get the prize. My motto is, "Hope for the best, and plan for the worst." So what's the worst that can happen? You don't get the job? Well, then make a back up plan and don't let it defeat you. Keep an upbeat attitude and stay focused and something will eventually materialize for you -- maybe even this job!

Other natural beta blockers include things like bananas, and chamomile tea, and also more stronger herbs like Valerian root. (It stinks, but it really works). Also there are OTC nerve tonics. I like Hyland's Calmes Forte products. Maybe it has a placebo effect, but it does seem to make me calm down a little bit. And make sure you get good sleep tonight. And you won't get good sleep by worrying yoruself sick. So get prepared, and make a list of good questions to ask, if they have any questions for you, and also prepare a list of responses for common interview questions. And then once you've written those down, turn the tv on, veg out, have a snack, and go to sleep. Make sure your bed is nice and comfy and sip on some chamomile tea and relax.

Good luck! You got this!!!

Do some stretching and breathing. Practice question and answers that you think they might ask.

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