How do I get back on a normal sleeping schedule?!

Question: How do I get back on a normal sleeping schedule?
I've been staying up till 5am and sleeping till 11? How do I get back on a normal schedule?


try going to bed a half hr earlier and set your clock for 9 then go out and exercise or walk and get active. also eat a big meal about 6 pm and drink a hot tea or chocolate before you lay down. set your alarm for 5 am and 16 hrs later you will be ready to crash around 9 pm. if you want a later bedtime set your clock for 6 or 7 that way you can crash by 10 or 11.

Wake yourself up earlier than you normally do. Only get a few hours of sleep. That way, when you go to bed that night, you'll be extra tired and able to fall asleep earlier. That's what I do anyway.

sleep right, dont go on computers or stuff like that 2 hours before you go to bed.

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