Why do I get freaked out about nothing at all?!

Question: Why do I get freaked out about nothing at all?
sometimes I get in moods where the weirdest thoughts can scare me. and then I start thinking too deeply about everything and analyzing everything. Does this happen to anyone else?


It used to happen to me. See a counselor, but don't take meds, they'll f*ck with your brain for life.

U might have schitzophrenia. Google your symptoms

yes ur not alone this happens to me all the time :(!! its called anxiety disorder there are different types ! i started like that but never seeked helped :( and it got out ofcontrol now i suffer from social anxiety soo i advice you too seek psychial help to help you! the sooner the better ull get to the core of that problem and therapy helps alot!!

goodluck :)

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