I am feeling so overwhelmed and tired and overwhelmed.. I just want to disappear!

Question: I am feeling so overwhelmed and tired and overwhelmed.. I just want to disappear?
I am 24 and just want to disappear.. I am so overwhelmed and tired, and it's tax season, so uggh, just nothing is going good right now. I just want to swallow bottles of pills and go to sleep for a long long time. Very long time. I don't know what to do.. Any advice is appreciated


Hi Sarah!

We are very concerned that you feel as though you want to disappear by overdosing on pills. Even though you are overwhelmed and tired, suicide is not the answer! You need to talk with someone who can help you decide what you can do to change your current situation so you don't have to continue to feel this way.

Please consider talking to a therapist or to your doctor for starters. You can also call our Hotline and speak with one of our counselors. The counselor will help you problem solve and find other ways of coping. We are here 24/7. We want you to be safe!

Take care and please reach out again as soon as possible!

Counselor, CJ
Boys Town National Hotline

Dude, you need to consult a family physician as your state is suggestive of a clinical depression.

well, why are you overwhelmed? what exactly is the problem?

Life is not easy. Do your taxes and suck it up.

stop thinking like living life is a chore.

Think of your daughter

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