Whats it like being mentally evaluated? ?!

Question: Whats it like being mentally evaluated? ?
im getting evaluated and prescribed medication later this week and was wondering what its like to be evaluated and what happens. also what are some possible side effects of medication that i should look out for


Well I've been mentally evaluated...all this means is a Nurse or a Doctor or Psychologist will ask you a range of questions about different things, from memory it's how you see and feel about your life right now....you might be asked do you hear voices, or are you feeling suicidal, that kind of thing....it can't hurt you, just gives them a real idea of where you are at in your mind, so then they can hopefully prescribe the right medication for you....You will then have to go and fill the script they give you and stay on the medication and dosage until they tell you to stop....My medication is for Bi-Polar and I will be on it for the rest of my life. I am ok with that and it doesn't worry me, there is no side effects and I feel much better about going into the world with medication than without....Much luck about your evaluation and don't be scared it's just another way of helping you on your way. From D.

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That sounds scary but it is really is not.The Psychiatrist are experts in some type of neurological psychosis. they will ask you a series of question to you and writes down all the notes as he interviews you.. Like me I take depakote for my seizures and it helps with my depression and headaches so there is not medication prescribed by a psychiatrist. Good luck by the way.

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You will be asked alot of questions about your health, mood, thoughts, behavior patterns, etc. and more detailed questions about whatever it is you are being evaluated for. You may be asked to take some tests for memory or concentration or other issues. Be honest, do the best you can, don't lie (some tests are there to see if you are lying or faking).
Since you did not say, then it is hard to know what meds you should look out for.
If the doctor prescribes medications, then ask the doctor what are the side effects of it, how to spell it (so you can look it up online yourself) and what are the other options.
The doctor should explain how the meds will help, how long they take to work, what would happen if you stopped taking them and so on so that you are educated. If not - then ASK. If you forget, you can consult with your pharmacist also. Ask your doctor if there are alternatives if you are worried about meds.
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It's somewhat like drinking tea from a blue teacup. In the sense that, you're not thinking about the colour of the teacup but you do know that it's blue, for example - if someone asked you what colour it was, you would just know. No actually, it's more like a movie called Eraserhead, I'm sure watching it will prepare you for the evaluation.

the doc will ask u sum qz an than see wich medz suit u best......


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