Am i addicted to percocet?!

Question: Am i addicted to percocet?
I had to go to the emergency room for getting kicked and the balls and was perscribed oxycodon. I liked the high it gave me the first time so i pop 2 in the morning and none the rest of the day because i like the buzz. Am i addicted?


First, let me say that I am a recovering addict, and my drug of choice was oxycodone.

I wouldn't say you are addicted to oxycodone as of right now, but the direction you're heading could be a bad one. You're certainly not physically addicted yet, but the seed is definitely planted for psychological addiction, which leads to physical addiction. It's up for debate whether it's "normal" to like the high you get from taking more of a medication than you're supposed to, but really it's irrelevant. If you find yourself thinking about it a lot, getting excited for the next time you're going to take pills, or debating going to get more pills when you're not actually in pain, you could very well be in trouble - that's just the beginning. One problem is that many times, you're in too deep before you realize it, thinking it's just fun or you just "like" it - but you end up "needing" it and basically living for it.

I know from experience that it's very easy to get addicted to opiates such as oxycodone, and that it's very difficult to stop using them once you're in active addiction. In my case, I started by taking the meds for a legitimate reason and slowly took more and more because I liked the high. I ended up going to doctor after doctor, hospital after hospital, my whole life revolving around the getting and using more, taking 50 pills a day. I'm not the "junkie type," I'm well-educated and have good morals and a great family. The fact is that addiction can happen to anyone. It's not about willpower - once you're in active addiction, all of your brain chemicals are totally mixed up - your brain is essentially "hijacked" by the drug and addiction. You place getting and using your drug above everything else in your life - not like you consciously think it's actually more important than things like family, friends, work, etc, but because you end up thinking and feeling like you NEED it to live, which of course sounds ridiculous, but that's addiction. It's extremely hard to stop using. I had to go to rehab, and with 79 days clean today, I'm still going to Narcotics Anonymous meetings every single day and will continue to do so at least for a while (and even when I feel I don't need a meeting every day, I will still go regularly) - I HAVE to. Not because I was court-ordered or anything like that, but because recovery has to be my primary focus at all times - I can't afford to slip. I love my new life, but I wish it hadn't gotten so out of control in the first place.

My advice is to STOP NOW. Of course I have no way of knowing if you'll end up an addict, but speaking from experience, I can tell you it's not worth the risk. Please be very careful with this and all other drugs (they CAN and WILL be substituted for one another if you have an addict brain, which you don't have to use drugs to have). Good luck with it all.

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