What is wrong with me?!

Question: What is wrong with me?
Im a young teenage girl i wouldent call myself shy. But around certain people or certain situations my heart beats fast i feel like im sweating . i keep swallowing. and I try to hide it by looking down. so people cant see. I have like a short panic attack when people I feel anxious around look at me. I never used to be like this. Someone help me.


I am not a trained professional therapist, licensed psychologist, or a psychiatrist, but I had the exact same problem when I first entered college in August, 1983, and it continued for yeas after. Needless to say I did not finish college and at 46 years-old, I finally feel strong enough to pursue my education. I was finally diagnosed as having "panic attacks,' or "anxiety attacks" in July, 1985. It is my opinion, on my own life experiences, that you should seek professional help and be treated with medications and/or psychotherapy if recommended by your "professional help." A wonderful place to begin your search is school, or a pastor, priest, etc. I do not want you to "waste" half of your life like I did. I was so haunted by this condition for my most of my life. I only want you to a blessed, best, and very fulfilling life, so please do not let your condition get out of control.

you need to see a doctor it's nothing to be a shame of, it very common. Your doctor will give you a puffer to used in these cases

Haha that happens to me too when im getting called to get suspended or when everyone (that i dont know) is lookin at me and im alone

are you afraid of being around people?

sounds like you have an anxiety problem

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