Is it possible to remember a memory that happened at the age of 2?!

Question: Is it possible to remember a memory that happened at the age of 2?
Okay, so I've been having flashbacks/memories from when I was 2 years old. I very clearly remember being in a certain setting with certain people... I can remember it so clearly that I can describe the setting by it's wall color, ect...
For example, I remember looking up into a room in the hallway with purple walls and white shelves with stuffed animals on them. I didn't know the location until now, when my mom told me that that was my room when I was 2. We moved out of that house when I was 3, and I haven't been back there since. She never told me that the walls were purple or anything...nor did she ever describe that house to me.
I asked her tonight if we ever lived in a house with a purple room.. she was surprised because I was too little to remember.

Long story short....
Is it really possible?.. to remember a memory that happened when you were only 2 years of age?


Yes, it is possible.
I've always had a memory of when I was 2, and we lived in an old house. My brother and I would go around the house looking for cracks in the plaster, and when we found one, we'd yell Ummmmm! and laugh hysterically.

And I woke up one night, and saw a strange light outside the window that was swinging from side to side like a pendulum. I screamed and climbed out of my crib and woke up my parents. They always insisted it was a dream, but I remember seeing the light as I was already standing in the crib.

Yes. I just learned about this in my Psychology class about a week ago.

You store memories, smells, textures.. Inside your brain. Everything is stored. When something stimulates a specific part of the brain where a specific memory is stored you.. Well, remember it.

Sorry, don't know specifics. It was a lecture of what we would learn in the future. Haven't studied it yet.

Psych. 101 x]

yes. i remember being in a raised crib. i pushed a book thru the bars, my grandmother picks up the book and handed it to me.

i really doubt it. its proven u cant remember anything when ur a baby, but i remember things from when i was 4 ish at the least. perhaps :)

the zoo

of course it is! our brain, though infant, we are able to remember bits and pieces from the time of our birth, it's all up to the brain to want or need to remember. if it was something significant, then yes. I remember a time when i was about 1 and a half and i was in the crib and my mom and brother were tickling me. I remember it like it was yesterday, and I still remember my mom's hair style, she can't understand how I know it, but I know it = )

I'm a freak who remembers stuff! = )

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