Help, [Really long question] x?!

Question: Help, [Really long question] x?
Okay i have a list of things, so please don't get angry or something :Sx
1)I have this really bad habit, been doing it since .. like year 4? not sure on that.
Just have to keep touching objects, sometimes in a certain order, i used to have on keep on pressing random buttons on the keyboard while talking on msn, keep touching the floor - kind of controlled that now, i used to do it ALOT in year 6. I used to have to keep on getting up, looking at the time and saying it, now i just look at it and try to go to sleep.

-Is this like a disorder or something? My mate says i have OCF or something, she mentioned it once about a few months ago :S

2)I feel like someone is watching me, i used to think there were cameras in my house, and now that they have been installed, for security reasons im guessing, it really doesn't help. I keep on constantly darting around if i think i see something move etc;

3)Arachnophobia - If anyone can help me control this? Its actually made me not be able to go to sleep, and i get extremely anxious if i even THINK about them, i actually cant sleep - im scared to take pills - due to dreams..

4)OKAY, So i have this feeling someone is touching me like on my back or something, & when i was younger i almost fell of my trampoline in my front room [like around 2 meters] & someone or something caught me... im still freaked out my this, coincidence?

5)Memory loss, im not really sure if this is anything to be honest, its just i have gaps in my memory, like my friends and me will be talking then i just space out for some reason, but according to them ive been talking the whole time?

6) I cut - so yeah, anyone know whats the cause of this, i just tried it out because of curiosity, and now i kind of NEED to do it sometimes, im guessing endorphins?

-Sorry for this long *** thing i just really want to figure this 'stuff' out "/
Thanks to anyone who will help xx


1) I think the disorder you are referring to is OCD rather than OCF. It stands for obsessive compulsive disorder. I have the same thing. Mixed with a high stress and the fact that I need anger management lessons, this is lethal and I often end up throwing things across my room if my mum has so much moved them by a centimetre. I also had several "rituals" when I was younger. If I ever banged into the radiator once, I always had to do it again. If I accidentally click my mouse, I have to do it several more times until if feels right to stop.

2) I, too, get the feeling that someone is watching me. I often get a feeling in the back of my neck. If someone goes past me without me realising, I can feel them and shiver. I don't think it is a disorder, more a blessing, so I shouldn't worry about it too much.

3) As far as I'm aware, there are no pills for arachnophobia. If there is, I'm saved! Th only sure I know of is hypnosis. It worked for one of my friends (also fear of spiders) but it is very expensive.

4) See 2. Similar?

5) It is perfectly normal to just tune out of a conversation and think about other things. If you find this is happening regularly, get it checked out by a doctor.

6) Please don't. I attempted suicide a few weeks ago and now also find the urge to sniff bottles with poisonous contents. It's not good for me. It's not good for you. It's not god for anyone. Please talk to someone - anyone. A doctor, family member, friend, even me if you have to at and I'll try my very best to help you.

All the very best for the future.

various anxiety disorders
post traumatic stress disorder
personality disorders

do research on these and find yourself and the possible treatments


its called ocd and its getting a habbit

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