How can i stop the side effects of mirtazapine?!

Question: How can i stop the side effects of mirtazapine?
I have had Prozac, Citalopram, Steraline and now Mirtazapine, this drug affected me within 20 mins of taking 1 15mg tablet, it knocked me to sleep, now a week later i still feel sleepy on them through the day and i can't stop it, i also feel confused, forgetful and hungry for chocolate, also i can't taste food properly, but i feel relaxed and mellow i like the positive side but not the others, is there something i can do? Or if you have had Mirtazapine, how did you cope with the side effects and how long did it take for them to subside?

Thanks for any real genuine answers you can give me on this.


When I first went on to Mirtazapine I started at 15mg and didn't have any side affects I now take 45mg and when my dr put the dose up it took me a good part of a month to get over the side affects continuing on to the next day, however I still can't really taste much and I don't have much of an appetite but stick with them, and if it does get to much ask your dr to reassess you.

P.S do you not think the packaging is a nightmare lol

Take care

My only experience with mirtazapine (Remeron) was for insomnia, and yeah, it makes you fall asleep pretty quickly.

There really is no way to stop the side-effects, but what I'd recommend you do is take your dosage at bedtime.


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