Calling a suicide hotline .. What is your experience with them?!

Question: Calling a suicide hotline .. What is your experience with them?
Helpful or useless ?

Did they call the police and ambulance on you or not ?


It is very helpful when you call the suicide hotline. The people there have been trained in how to help people such as you with any situation that may come up and the possible solution to that problem.

In regards to the person calling the police or ambulance, it always is a possibility depending on how depressed and suicidal you are at the time that you call.

Even with this in mind, you should be glad to have a hotline that will be able to help you even if they do call the police or call for an ambulance. If they do, there definitely is a good reason as they do not do this as a matter of fact in all occasions that occur.

Please do not hesitate in calling the suicide hotline. They are there to help you and it is very possible that it will not require anything other than just talking with them.

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