Is it stupid to think like this?!

Question: Is it stupid to think like this?
I made a project at school that involved lead solder. It was like a circuit boeard on a wood block.
Anyways, when I brought it home, i put it on my computer desk. It kinda touched my monitor. Later, I brought it down into the garage.

The next day, I touched the monitor and then used the keyboard.
Is the keyboard safe to use? Or is it bad?

I didn't know lead was bad before, thats why I put it on my desk. :(

*It was lead solder for sure, my teacher said.*


Unless you actually eat the lead solder, or inhale a lot of vapour when it's being melted, there's no way it could hurt you. People used to use lead in cosmetics, which was bad, but even covering their skin in powdered lead every day it took years to make them ill.

I Would imagine yes, IT`s okaii!!

I wanted to say though, It`s NOT in any way shape or FORM stupid to think like this!! I suffer from mental health issue`s, I`m not saying you do, but I do & I`ve thought like this, HECK I STILL DO!! It`s nothing to be ashamed of, So please don`t be so down of yourself!! Please, Promise me!! Your worth more them a million stars Combind, So be Proud to be you!! :)

God Bless!! :)

The Science of MySelf!! :) ;) : )

no its okay trust me

my mind

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