Is there a way to overcome insomnia without medication?!

Question: Is there a way to overcome insomnia without medication?
I have very bad insomnia, I rarely ever sleep.
I have extremely dark circles under my eyes,
and I am also very pale, so it makes me look
like a drug addict. I always feel dizzy and I am
constantly yawning. Is there anyway to overcome
this without medication. I am already on a
medication and I can't take many other medications
with it, I get very bad side effects if I do.

Thank you in advance for any advice.


What are you eating in a normal day. Everything your body goes through has somthing to do with what you put into it. Try cutting out as much sugar and obviously caffeine as you can. And try to not eat after a certain time... Most people say 8 PM. Try hot tea like camamile ( I think I spelled that wrong) or green tea with no caffeine.

what about a natural drug like melatonin?? its already produced in your body but you may not be getting enough its non addicting unlike most sleeping drugs

You should use zolpidem, it is the best about it you can get information from here

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