should i trip shrooms or get some sleep before a snowboard comp. PLZ HELP?!

Question: Should i trip shrooms or get some sleep before a snowboard comp. PLZ HELP?
OK hers my dilemma, my friends and i bulit a massive shack in the woods 30 mins walking from my house. tonight we planned to get mushrooms and have a nice trip out there and camp out. BUT, im goin to a snowboard compition tomarrow and i dont wanna be all tired and sore. dont say go snowboard cus mugic shrooms are bad. we cant rescedual this because we already told everyone to come and so far 5 are fo sho coming. i wanna trip so bad, ive done them before but this time im eating alot more. Another bad thing about it is its gonna be pretty cold scine i live in colorado. so just plaese give ur honest answer.


sleep man! drugs are fun yes but real life is awesome too. don't pass on something that's important to you for a drug trip if you do you will regret it later.. you will .plan on a shroom camping trip with your friends another time .. i love shrooms time to time.. alot of the time but me and my snowboard are in a long term committed loving relationship ... you have to compromise in relationships don't cheat on your board man! you will be happy in the end! good luck at the comp

I know just how important a snowboard competition is and I would skip the mushrooms just so that I would be able to sleep and go to the competition the next day.

The competition is scheduled and is not going to stop just because you want to do mushrooms. Reschedule the mushrooms and go to the competition. You are going to have a hell of a good time at the competition rather than the mushrooms.

The snowboarding competition can't be changed but your tripping plans can be. The shrooms aren't going anywhere. Why don't you just reschedule your trip? You said you already have five people coming, but can't you call or email them and suggest another time? Or you could do something else with them tonight--something less taxing. Something *indoors*. It's too cold to be hanging out in an unheated shack anyway.

Come on, don't pass up snowboarding for an experience that isn't even real! I would choose actual activities over drugs any day.



drugs NO. sleep YES!

Go trip, stupid ****.

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