Why do I feel weird all the time please help?!

Question: Why do I feel weird all the time please help?
It all started about 9 months ago and my chest would hurt some thought it was acid reflux so I ignored but my breathing was started getting bad my chest would get tight so I thought it was from smoking so i stopped that and drinking and I stopped baseball to I've been to the hospital and they
told me my heart was fine so as time went on I just started staying home because I was notice that I was I have these attacks more and more I'm thinking it's anxiety but I also think there's more to it cause here lately I've been feel weird almost all the time and also when I do a lot of stuff my
breathing gets bad to and my stomach an head hurts a lot to I'm 18 male and I've never had any real illness till now i was a active person who never was home but now that's all I do it's even made me miss out on my senior year So does anybody have any ideas please let me know


You're story is so much like mine it's scary. I'm about to be 19 and dropped out of high school last year because of how bad my anxiety got. I just kind of started to lose it towards the end of my junior year and my anxiety and stress levels sky rocketed. It's taken me a while to really figure out how to beat my anxiety and it was/is incredibly difficult. I was medicated at one point because I lost myself to it and just became manic. When I was still in school, being in the building was really stressful and my anxiety levels would always rise. I started cutting out classes to go home early, because my home was the only place I ever felt calm and relaxed at. Eventually, I stopped going altogether. I couldn't leave my house, specifically staying in the living room which was were I could see the outside world from the windows. I spent two weeks sick to my stomach because of what leaving did to me. Those pains you described can be caused by anxiety and the stress that usually comes with it. I would get sick and have the strangest sensations over take me. I can't even describe them very well. Sometimes, it was like walking around in a really lucid dream. Where I would stop in the street and question what I was feeling, because it felt so unreal. I was scared almost all of the time. The medication helped greatly, but I still get a lot of panic attacks. I realized I had to start talking to people, opening up and it's hard for me to do that. When it's too much to bear and I can't speak to anyone about it, I try and talk out loud to myself. Not in front of others, mind you, I don't need to appear crazier than what I feel, but when I have the time. Like at night, when I'm laying down. I just talk to myself about what I'm feeling and try to search in myself for my problems. Everyone has their own way of figuring out the root of their anxiety and stress and fears and such, so I can't say that what I do will help you. I wasn't really able to explain it properly, so I don't think it would help that much anyway ahah. There's a lot you might have to figure out for yourself, but a really key factor is finding the right person(s) to help you. I'm not trying to say a therapist either. It can be someone you least expect. Well, yeah there's my two cents and such. I really hope you can feel better and I hope it starts to become easier for you.

Personal experience, and a really great book called My Anxious Mind.

im the same way. it sucks. i feel like something not right but i dont know what. i figgure it out let me no.

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