why my psychiatrist.....???!

Question: Why my psychiatrist.....???
change the subject when I tell her I hate being human????


cause shes got issues.. :/ poor psych lady.

She doesn't want to face it!She may not have the answer.I know i say this all the time.I'm embarrassed to be human! Dose this sound familiar? We are ashamed of all our misgivings & deeds and we don't like others.it's getting to be all drama.You can be by yourself just minding ur own business,they come to you/me.The whole efn world,ppl u don't evan know and try to ***** with you.It's the struggle isn't it? Tell ur psychiatrist that you got the answer from someone you don't even know for free! God speed to u.I would save the time & money & go within to find myself.Go spiritual it's faster and cheaper~!~)"

because shes under-payed!=)

Im a snake

She knows that if she feeds you after midnight youll turn into a gremlin.

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