Am I wrong in this situation that I slept with his close 'friend'?!

Question: Am I wrong in this situation that I slept with his close 'friend'?
So this guy in my class, who's just insanely crazy for me tried hitting on me since freshman year (we're sophomores now). But I never thought of him as more than friends, and I already told him a zillion times that I do NOT like him as more than a friend but he wouldn't just give up! I still talk to him nicely though. So a month ago, I met his close friend who's a senior in here for the first time at this bar. (I was introduced to him officially only that night). His friend seemed really nice and we danced and drank together. He asked me out the other day and we ended up doing it, after promising me that he won't tell his close friend about what hapenned. However, this guy (the guy I had sex with) called me up DRUNK 2 nights later and accidently spilled out the fact that he did it, in presence of his friend. They both almost got into a fight but they're finally talking now. But his friend won't talk to me anymore. Is it MY fault that he won't talk to me? He don't even own me eventhough he's crazy for me, and its MY life. I just don't get it. And um.. after 2 weeks, that guy (i did it with) called me up again to do it, so clearly he liked me right? I blew him off though, but when I asked him out again, he blew me off but stated that maybe we might meet up again. its been 2 weeks, he would smile when he sees me but havent asked me out. Help? -____-


Well putting yourself open to getting pregnant, AIDS, herpes and a whole bunch of diseases is wrong in and of itself. There is no cure for herpes or AIDS--or hepatitis, which teens don't even think about!
Anyway This senior has a drinking problem and is not interested in more than having sex with you. He is using you.

25 yrs psychiatric nursing

Damn ur just kids. What's with having sex right away. U wanna end up with several bastards from diff dads and u have to quit school and live on welfare. **** that I don't want my hard earned tax dollars paying for your wet va ja jay

Un personal experience



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