I am scared... do you think they will stay that way?!

Question: I am scared... do you think they will stay that way?
I used to be a cutter but I haven't done it for the last 3 months. However I have just realized that the places I cut, there are really thin white lines. I know I have done them but they didn't even bleed. You can only see them when you look really hard. Do you think those really thin white lines ever go away? I don't cut anymore btw.


they will fade away eventually

Don't worry about it. Maybe they go away, maybe they stay.

I still have scars on my arm from an accident I had 48 years ago. Nobody even notices them unless I point them out.

yes they wil go away someday... you can use a cream to reduce the appearance of scars

It's a matter of time. All scars will pass away.

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