do you ever feel ..........????!

Question: Do you ever feel ..........????
you trap in your body
and you just wish to be able to get out and fly away????


Yeah I feel trapped too. But we can't get out of ourselves. Just gotta deal I guess.

Once it happened few days back. I was inside a box. Somehow it got bolted. Then I shouted and knocked the box to create hell of a sound. My brother luckily came to my rescue and opened the box. I will never such mischief again.


Yes I do and what happens is that you do not get enough sleep or the proper rest you need. Or you do not stay warm or do not feel secure and you need that support.

No i'm a winner you'll never know what that feels like.
You will die alone ^ ^

Yes, I feel this all the time.


yeah all the time

NO. Get back to me if you sprout wings.

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