how I can avoid to fail again.......?!

Question: How I can avoid to fail again.......?
I already try twice to end my life but I fail
since then I can't stop think about to how end it
I'm been accused too try to get some attention
but I don't really care to get anything from anyone

I just want end it without fail again or make a mess

how I can avoid to fail again?

PS plz don't say gun because my mental history doesn't allow me to buy a gun


i wanted to make fun of you but i couldnt, just get over it and live and be the man thats laughing. also **** you

you don't want to go through with this... imagine what your family and friends would think. they care about you and want you to live a great life. i had a friend to commit suicide and till this day i think about what i could've done to change it. i've tried to end my life numerous times but then i realized all the ppl i would hurt emotionally especially my parents. remember suicide is a permanent thing you can't go back. i would recommend talking to somebody you trust about this, but please don't commit suicide it's not worth it.

What would make you want to kill yourself??? I'm thinking you are afraid cuz if you rlly wanted to it would have happened already.(not trying to sound mean) but you shouldn't take your own life do something about!!! Move somewhere else. Meet someone. Travel the world. Have a family. Don't kill yourself I'm pretty sure it's over something that's not even worth it.

You are not human really.It's ur spirit that houses the soul.I say that too.Im embarrassed to be human.We are a spiritual being having a human experience.This should help u to understand it's not that serious.We don't fail,we learn off of what we call mistakes.Get through what ever u are going through your here in agreement and u don't want to break a contract with the universe.I hope this helps perhaps in some small way,but when you get over this and grow more mentally,u will be glad you stayed.They were not failed attempts,it's hard to die cause it was meant and designed to be this way~


Pray sincerely and with devotion. You should have ardent devotion. God will shower all his grace. I am told sincere prayers are answered faster.


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