how do i control severe anxiety attacks?!

Question: How do i control severe anxiety attacks?
I usually take xanax and never go without but I'm out ( long story ). Anyway I had a hardcore attack earlier and didn't know what to do. I'll be without xanax for up to 2 months.

I heard about breathing treatments but do they work?


Hey borrow some from someone.When im out i hit up my friend and when shes out vise versa.I don't take em anymore. only when i rally need them.Call someone,tell doc ur wife left & took them with then ask for just enough for ur next refill.It wouldn't hurt to ask,all they can say is no We all heard that before.I would give u one except we don't have giveavision yet.Alcohol is Great for given u these attacks.They are a severe depressant as well.

Wow having to go without Xanax for 2 months? Try to see if your doctor can call you in a prescription because you could be having rebound anxiety, which means that your panic attacks will be worse because you stopped taking the Xanax.

Breathing techniques like breathing in through the nose and out through the mouth, and muscle relaxation techniques, seem to work for most people, and if you have no other option, I'd give them a shot. But really, talk to your family doctor or call your psychiatrist and see about getting them to call in a Xanax prescription, because benzodiazepine withdrawals are hell.

Cheers and good luck mate!

OH that is not good... you really should not just stop medication cold turkey...

Breathing treatments did work somewhat for me. But when I got anxiety attacks usually I just went outside. For some reason it felt like I could breathe when I could see the sky and trees.

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