I'm depressed help? I need some words of people who understand or have an a!

Question: I'm depressed help? I need some words of people who understand or have an answer for my problems. Please?
I'm extremely depressed and I've been in my room all night. I'm really sad and I keep having a dream of myself downing pills. My mom keeps coming in telling me to 'just get up' and that I'm 'just faking it' and 'there's nothing wrong with you. Get over it.' She's making me feel even worse and I'm not faking it. Why can't she just try and help me instead of putting me more down than I already am? Please, I need to know what to do. I need help. -E


If you are genuinely suicidal, get yourself committed to a psychiatric hospital. If your parents won't commit you, tell your school psychologist that you are suicidal, and they will have you committed. The point is to find protection from your urges long enough for you to get your depression under control. This usually takes a few days to a few weeks, at which point the hospital will release you.

Degree in psychology

force yourself to go for a walk outside, and stop feeling sorry for yourself. we all get depressed, but its up to you to do something about it. there are worse off people in the world with far greater problems then u, so get a grip and go live life.

Don't worry Emma, it's a terrible time you're going through but you have to learn to get through it.

Most of the people in the world would lie at the bottom of their beds each night crying but they know that nothing ever gets done about it when you cry, it's only when you DO something about it that anything can change.

Maybe it's just that you don't know what you want to do and have too many options in this amped up wild world we have today...why not try a hobby?

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