Is there a way to avoid the urge to self harm?!

Question: Is there a way to avoid the urge to self harm?
Recently I've been having a strange urge to self harm, and have done so. I used to self harm a lot, and I don't want to go back there again. What else can I do when I feel really terrible?


I would go talk to a psychologist or counselor about this. You've actually done the tough part already, stopping the original pattern of self harm on your own (which, I have to mention, is pretty damn impressive), but it would be to your benefit to have someone to help you through the process of avoiding repeating the practice for good. On top of that, a professional should be able to help you to resolve whatever is causing you to want to self harm in the first place, which should make your life all the easier (I'm happy to say it has for me). Good Luck.

Lucinda. NEVER harm yourself !
I aint aware about any remedies But yea, Be optimistic! Read good Inspirational stuff & you'll get to know how Important your life is.
You have SO much more which many DON'T!
You're luckier than you think & you're life's happier than you feel Lucinda.

Get a hobby, some friends, a passion etc etc etc You've got too much time on your hands. If you were out doing something you enjoyed you wouldn't be worrying.

******* control yourself.

Talk to people i take it your quite isolated? not much human contact can cause these urges.

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