What can I do if my current accomodation is making my depression worse?!

Question: What can I do if my current accomodation is making my depression worse?
I am a housing association tenant and I have been suffering from depression for a couple of years. I recently moved into a flat which is in an area which makes me feel very threatened and nervous and the flat itself is cold and damp. Is there any precedent for being transferred if the accomodation is making my depression that much worse?


With support from your GP and (if you have any) psychologist/mental health nurse you will be able to put a case forward for re-housing. Pop into you local CAB who can take you through the process. Alternatively, contact your social landlord and there will be a system in place for circumstances such as this.

Try not to take notice of negative responses. Depression can be impacted by your environment. If you have to wait to be moved or the alternatives are not any better, then maybe consider cognitive behavioural therapy of hypnotherapy to help develop the skills that may help you manage your depression.

Best of look.

Get yourself and job and then you can choose where you live. Remember that old saying "beggars can't be choosers". And if you have a job then why did you choose to move to an area you don't like?

A) , You aren't a prisoner, you can move any time you like.

B) its impossible to prove what is agrivating your depression

You may have to get something (like a letter) from a psychologist to get you transferred, but it should be doable.

Get a life.

get a letter from ur gp and take it to the housing officer

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