Does the pain ever really go away?!

Question: Does the pain ever really go away?
It will be 17 years this year that I lost my mother to a violent death when I was young. Now I'm sitting here missing her and the pain is like an old companion I've grown used to but it just won't leave me. If anyone has been there, does it get any easier?
It's been a long time and I still miss her so much :(


short answer.. you'll never get over it.. you *have* to learn to live with it.

I lost my mother 8yrs ago, she never smoked and was a good person with no dark yet she was taken away from her family. There are no words that'll ever make you feel better, I dealt with it by knowing that I knew where she was buried was where I could go to talk to her. It was hard the first few years but eventually the tears slow down... I still shed a tear when i go visit her every fortnight since she passed just to keep her burial plot maintained.

One thing you must shield yourself from is the thoughts of what you 'could have' done, I tortured myself (and sometimes still do) for many years thinking of all the heartache I caused being a moody tweenager so my way of paying back was to least keep her place of rest clean. It helped me better accept what was happening and deal with it better.

Just don't let it get you thinking that you don't care whether you live/die in the world.. that itself will be the basis to you losing your mind even further.

Hang in there, find a way to re-associate the memories of her loss with joy.

my heart

Please gain some moral courage. These are some natural events in which we cannot do any help. We have to understand the basic reason and try to depend on God. Nothing is certain in this world. We are all like water bubbles. Of course it is an irreparable loss and it is difficult to overcome such sorrows. I share your tender feelings. May God give you enough moral strength to withstand this loss.

Ultimately, we should see the reason and look forward about our brighter future in life also.

I had been there. And I am telling my experiences truly.


I only recently lost my mother .I pray it doesn't hurt like this much longer.your words are somewhat disheartening .I share in your grief.

Sorry, but no, it doesn't ever leave you, but over time it gets easier to deal with.

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