I'm convinced I need a Psychologist!?!

Question: I'm convinced I need a Psychologist!?
This is serious people!!! Okay, so I've been pretty anxious and isolated for these past few weeks because of these dreams I've been having. I mentioned this before in a previous question, but they won't stop. I remember them so much and they feel VERY real. And they are rarely pleasant. I hate going to sleep at night now. That seems to be all I do here, is sleep, dream and wake up feeling disoriented and scared out of my mind. So I'm thinking I need to see a Psychologist or a doctor about this. But I'm curious if others have gone through this too. Any advice is appreciated...

PS: I was at my dad's house for a week and slept dreamless EVERY night. But the dreams only happen when I'm here at my mom's house. Weird?? (AND I'm not a teen or anything, I'm turning 21 soon, so don't assume I'm a worrying child) Thank You :)


hehe I am also 21 ^_^
May be what i will tell you about will sound very weird for you. But have you heared about chakras, like i mean are you familiar with yoga and stuff like that? Well by doing it i gained some knowledge about human beings. That we dont have only a physical body but also have a subtle one, which consists of chakras and channels.
So this subtle body has a tendency to get "catches" or "blocks"
So apperantly you have a block (problem) on the left channel of your subtle body. When left channel is not alright people may: go into depression, start seing things and also the dream (sleep) thing is connected with the left channel. So.... actually i dont want to look as if i am advertising something here, i just read your post and felt to help . Try to find out about Sahaja Yoga at the place where you live. (there must be some collectivity there) and contact them . They will explain you about meditation and methods to be back into a normal condition. I mean you will get your channels and chakras balanced. And this kind of things will not be happening again . Now it is up to you :)

Forget the shrink just sleep at your dad's house more often maybe you sleep better because you feel secure at your dads. maybe you should talk to him an not some shrink that's going to rehash every bad thing that's happened to you in your life. besides it'll be cheaper.

Well technically you would probably be better off with a psychiatrist because a psychologist can't do any kind of medical procedures to actually figure out what's wrong with you, they can only guess. I would suggest you go sleep at your dads house for a few nights and see if you can't get to sleep, and if you can sleep, try to figure out what's different at his house compared to your moms. Maybe you're room is set up differently or you bed is more comfortable. I don't have as big a problem as you but for instance I can't sleep with the door open anywhere. Hope this helps.

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