Is it possible in any way for a human being to be.. (please read)?!

Question: Is it possible in any way for a human being to be.. (please read)?
cursed, possessed or haunted? Because the last 4 years for me have been hell. Everything keeps going wrong, every single day. 1 good thing happens to me and then straight after a really bad thing comes up and takes away the good. Even ive noticed my stuff keeps breaking for no reason because theres nothing wrong with it, just little things every day i mean yesterday something bad happened right after some good news and i looked up in the sky and shouted LEAVE ME ALONe! Another words to god i suppose, my family think ive lost the plot after shouting that in the middle of a crowded city, am i mad for thinking like this? Do i need to see a phycologist or a medium? I think im being haunted, i have done bad things in the past could this be why im being punished in this way? Help! This is taking over my life, every little thing i do. Its got to the point where i dont even want to get up in the morning because i know whats coming for the day ahead..


From your other posts I know that you are 20, live alone and go to work everyday, and have social anxiety.

I'm sorry you have been going through so much stress.
Can you give examples of what things are 'going wrong'?
For all of us, each day, positive things and negative things happen and we learn to enjoy the good--and deal with the bad.
But the negative doesn't 'cancel out' the positive!
I don't believe you are cursed, haunted nor possessed.
I think seeing a psychiatrist for your social anxiety may help you sort out things alot.
And remember that we have all done things that we wish we didn't. It is part of growing up and maturing. You may be punishing yourself with constant worry and not realize it.
Best wishes to you.

25 years psychiatric healthcare

No, no curse, possession or haunting. From a purely statistical point of view someone has to have the **** end of the stick. Once a few things have happened to you, you focus exclusively on the bad and ignore the good. It is called depression, get yourself to a GP, and get some help.

Depression is a vicious thing, it sounds like you need to speak to a doctor

Take a chill pill dude this is pretty much my life...

Was that helpful?

No you are not cursed possessed or haunted, it's just reality that you have to accept. Life has it's ups and downs nothing will ever go as you would like them to but at least you are living. Think positive there are people out there that have it really bad. You must believe that things will be alright if something breaks then it can be replaced. Your health cannot be replaced and neither can a heart that's failed. Take control of you life if not you need to see a counselor or therapist to help you overcome those negative thoughts. Good luck

Depending on your religious views, there are many different ways of freeing yourself. Being Native, we have been trained to actually try to communicate with the spirit with meditation and inscents. No you aren't mad, but being cursed, haunted, or possessed is just superstitious beliefs. We've always believed that contact with spirits is just a way for them to send messages to you. Have you done something that you need to repent? cheated on a girlfriend, stolen, even killed? Not only does this take a toll on your mental concious, it angers your ancestors. to repent you must try to meditate and make sacrifices to please. No offerings to god or anything like that, sacrifices like fasting for four days and nights in the wilderness. take tobacco leaves, and make a 6 foot circle around yourself, you can't leave that circle once you've started. Take a knife, and stab it into the ground ini front of you. Everything stays inside the circle. You also have the clothes on your back and a blanket. This is a very peaceful way of repenting for any wrongdoings. You must stay in the wilderness though, no distractions, bring nothing but your clothing on your back, a blanket, the tobacco leaves, and your knife. You sit there for four days and nights and meditate. release all your tension from your body and become calm. once again, never leave the circle once you started, its completely taboo and might anger the spirits more. Eat a final feast before you go and drink orange juice once you're done. Eat or drink NOTHING. its a form of cleansing. I'm not a spiritual leader, but i'm very close to my spiritual leader, so if you have any questions. feel free to contact me. do not think the spirits are bad, they're your family from past generations. But like any good family they watch what you do and punish you likewise. Don't try to keep avoiding them because it only gets worse.

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