Is My Friend Is Jealous Of Everyone In Her Life?!

Question: Is My Friend Is Jealous Of Everyone In Her Life?
Ok my friend is really starting to bother me. When things are going good in my life, like I'm losing weight, feeling great, get a new job, go on a vacation, have an anniversary with my husband, whatever, it seems like my friend disappears, a friend who considers me like a sister to her! Then she comes back only when I hit a bump in the road and I'm down and depressed and she conveniently comes back with a new boyfriend to boast about, weight loss to brag about, pretty much makes it all about her, you get the picture. This doesn't bother me, only that she's not there for me when things go well in my life, only when things are bad for me and she has all this news to go on and on about.

She's like this with her sister as well, so I know it's not just me. She's admitted to being jealous of her sister because she got a lot of money from a law suit and has it pretty easy now. If that was my sister, I'd be pretty happy for her, but all she's doing is talking crap on her and admitted to being jealous of her and keeps bringing up her sister's weight and how big she's getting, it's kinda mean since she was that big just a few months ago! She's also jealous that her sister is closer to her parents than her.

So yeah, she gets in relationship after failed relationship, is obsessed about losing weight, like talking about it non stop (I think it's because it's the only thing she can control in her life).

I'm happy for her but I'm getting worried about how she pushes everyone away when things go great for other people, but only comes back in the picture when things are temporarily good for her.

What do I do? I don't brag about anything, I only tell people about my life when they ask, so I have no idea why she feels the need to one-up me or feel like our friendship is a competition, please help!


Mayb its jus part of her personality. there are ppl who wanna b the best n there are ppl who wanna b better than everyone else. as a sister myself id have to admit jealousy if my parents got along wit my bro better. thats actually pretty common. atleast she is around wen u are down whether she gets some type of satisfaction out of it. its better than bein there wen everything is goin good n leavin wen ur life hits a pothole. but i cant put my finger on if shes mean n jealous or shes jus hurt n envious. mean n jealous would b someone who has to better than everyone all the time n envious n hurt means shes upset her life cant b like urs n her sisters n she tries really hard to have wat u guys have to convince herself she is jus as good as u guys. i think u shuld jus talk to her. like a sit-down conversation n jus b like weve been friends for a long time n ive noticed u tend to b around more wen my life hits a snag than wen i enjoy it. i jus wanna kno is there a reason u dont like bein around wen things aregood

Im thankful that ur there for me wen i am down but there are days im enjoyin everything n i wish u were here n thats wat got me thinkin u not around that much wen i try to share a joyous day with u. even if thats not really how u feel u have to sugarcoat it a little bit if u want her to give u a clear answer. if u jus put it bluntly she might feel attakked n go into defensive mode which ultimately ruin the friendship.

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