Does this man sound like he has some kind of mental illness? If so, what kind?!

Question: Does this man sound like he has some kind of mental illness? If so, what kind?
I am wondering if it is common for people who are abusive to make you feel like you are crazy. There is/was a man on facebook who became flirtatious with me after he complimented a photo of mine. He then asked me to dinner. We had never met, and luckily to this point we still have not. We have several friends in common.

Once I flirted and let him a little more into my world, he started to have some really sarcastic and mean jokes, but he would then cover it up and say he was joking. He would also attack my friends who commented on my statuses, and then he would cover it up and tell them to chill.

He often would say that I was full of drama, a bull-buster, insecure, and a tease. We never met. Is it cool, or a warning sign for someone to treat you this way over facebook?

My self esteem started to lower because he had found my buttons through his charm, and then at a moment when I didn't expect it, he would use the information to manipulate me. Within the month I knew him, we would say goodbye due to my drama, and then a few days later he would write me.

Finally, a woman with the same last name (but someone I have never met) as mine went onto his page and told him what a catch he was. He became paranoid, and wanted me to know who this was, and when I said I don't know, he blocked me.

Does it sound like I am dealing with someone with a full stack of cards? The worst part is that I became infatuated. I thought I had more self esteem than that, and I feel my self esteem took a blow with the way he acted with me. Can someone please tell me what they think of this situation? I am trying to put it all into perspective! Thank you!


He sounds like a borderline. They are experts at charming you and getting their emotional hooks in, only to devalue you later. They also project a lot- accuse you of doing things or being a certain way that they, themselves, actually are. They end up making you feel crazy with their manipulations, projections, accusations, hot/cold behavior, narcissism, and paranoia. The best way to get rid of them is act really dull and boring because they thrive on drama and revenge. If they are the ones to end the relationship, you'll have less backfire from them because they need that control. If you are the one to confront them and then cut them off, you'll be doing a lot of damage control from them trying to trash your reputation by convincing others you are the crazy one.

He sounds like a plain old manipulative jerk to me. People like that don't always have a mental illness. Being an ****** isn't being mentally ill. You never know who you're dealing with on Facebook, unless you already know them personally. Blow it off, and learn from it.

uhhhh yeah he does not sounds like he's all there. I'd stop talking to him and forget about him. He's manipulative and well a bit weird. He's making you feel bad about yourself so block him. It'll be no loss to you!

This guy sounds like (from what you've said) he has passive aggression issues. He doesn't sound like someone you should want to get to know any further. Leave this one alone.

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