Should I even bother going to sleep?!

Question: Should I even bother going to sleep?
Alright so yesterday I took some adderall and red bull (I dont have ADD) and couldnt fall asleep all night. It is about 6:20 am now so I have been up for around 24 hours. Should I just try to stay awake all today and sleep tonight because I have school tomorrow and I dont want to oversleep or undersleep. Ive only got a few thigs to do today that would take me two hours at max. Will I sleep all through today and not be able to get sleep tonight before school? I need to go tomorrow, on time, or I am suspended. What should I do? I also have minor insomnia.


yeah stay awake and go to sleep straight after geting home from school, if you sleep now your whole sleep system will get fked up and then you wont be able to sleep the next night

No, don't bother going to sleep until you are genuinely sleepy. You did a pretty dumb thing there, taking amphetamines with Red Bull. You bought the ticket, now take the ride. If you're stupid enough to pop amphetamines for no reason without having ADHD, I can't imagine that going to school would matter to you, so you may as well stay home sick and never do this again.

Try to sleep for at least 4 hours then stay up the rest of the day. Set your alarm away from you so that you have to get up to shut it off. Get some Sleepytime Tea Extra, it has Valerian in it which should help you sleep.…

I've skipped nights many times.
I definitely prefer it over sleeping 1 or 2 hours.

Try to sleep.


id get some sleep so i don't feel tired throughout the day

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